Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Women’s Legal & Advocacy Service

ATSIWLAS is a community legal centre that provides free legal advice, information, assistance, and referrals to support Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women in Queensland.  

As a Public Benevolent Institution we work to combat racism, violence, poverty, sexism and discrimination of all kinds that affect the interests and aspiration of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women.


ATSIWLAS can provide you with a broad range of legal advice and assistance. 

We provide advice about Family Law, Domestic Violence and Child Protection.

We also assist with queries relating to:  Debt Matters, Wills and Estates, Discrimination, Victims Assist, Tenancy and some Employment Matters.

Extra Information

ATSIWLAS assists women by providing legal and support services.  Our advice service is available to women from throughout Queensland.  We are able to provide more comprehensive services to women in the Brisbane region.

In addition to legal assistance we are able to provide the following assistance:

Court Support Officer:

The Court Support Officer can provide support to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who are required to appear in court, particularly in relation to Domestic and Family Violence matters.

This Officer may also be able to attend with clients to give statements to Police or to participate in mediation sessions.
This person is not a lawyer.

Family Support Officer

The Family Support Officer can provide support to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their families who experience family and/or domestic violence. 

This may include appropriate referrals to counselling and other services as required.

This person is not a lawyer.

Opening hours

Weekdays: 8.30am -4.30pm