Women’s Legal Service Tasmania

Women’s Legal Service Tasmania is a community legal service funded by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department.  We operate a free and statewide service, with offices in Hobart, Burnie and Launceston.

We are also able to provide community legal education sessions and workshops throughout the Tasmanian community.  We produce legal information publications such as brochures, booklets, factsheets, and websites, and strive to make the legal system more accessible and responsive to the issues affecting women through our law reform work.

Women’s Legal Service Tasmania is managed and staffed by women who are sensitive to the diverse needs of individual women and groups within the Tasmanian community.  For legal advice or assistance, you can contact us through our telephone advice line, or by calling our Burnie office directly if you are in north-west Tasmania, or our Launceston office in the north-east.  For all other information or enquiries, please call our Hobart office.


Legal Advice and Referral
We provide a free and confidential statewide service.

We can offer:    

  • legal advice on the telephone and face-to-face appointments    
  • information about your legal and non-legal options    
  • referral to appropriate legal services and lawyers    
  • referral to appropriate support services    
  • pamphlets and other information sent out by post, fax or email  
  • ongoing legal assistance and limited representation    

For any legal advice or assistance, contact the telephone advice line on 1800 682 468.  Most of the time advice can be given on the telephone.  If you need an appointment, the lawyer you speak with on the telephone will arrange this with you.

Law reform
WLST is working towards making the legal system more accessible and more responsive to the issues affecting women.

This includes:    

  • gathering information about Tasmanian women’s experience of the law, and the issues that affect them    
  • providing relevant information to government and legal bodies about the legal issues that affect Tasmanian women  
  • raising public awareness of legal issues affecting Tasmanian women    

Community Education
WLST can provide statewide information and education sessions to service providers and groups of women around the State.

This includes:   

  • sessions about WLST and what we can offer    
  • sessions about specific legal issues and areas of the law    
  • tailored workshops on specific legal issues eg. making a will    
  • providing information to students    
  • providing legal support to women’s groups  
  • informing women of legal issues through the media, newsletters, fact sheets and other publications.

Extra Information

Freecall 1800 682 468

Our free and confidential legal advice and referral service is open on Monday to Friday from 10:00am-4:30pm.

Other telephone appointment times can be made by arrangement.

If you have a hearing or speech difficulty and use a TTY or computer modem, contact us through the Australian Communication Exchange’s National Relay Service on 132 544 and ask for 1800 682 468.


Burnie Specialist Family Violence Unit  p 03 6419 7050

Launceston Family Violence Unit  p 03 6349 1943