Legal Aid Essential for Women Victims of Domestic Violence in Family Courts – 16 May 2012

“Victims of domestic violence need lawyers and reports from domestic violence experts to properly argue these matters in the courts” says Angela Lynch, national law reform solicitor with Women’s Legal Services Australia (WLSA). “Not only to achieve safety for themselves but also safety for their children”.

“It is alarming that legal aid was not provided for a lawyer to represent the mother or her children.”

Angela Lynch says that “the issue of international child abduction is a matter of high concern to WLSA. It is now widely acknowledged that the majority of ‘taking parents’ are mothers and often they are escaping violence and abuse and are in dire financial circumstances. They flee home for support and safety”.

The Australian Government announced recently it was going to extend criminality in international child abduction. “WLSA strongly opposes this as it will criminalise more vulnerable women, who are fleeing violence and abuse.”

Contact: Angela Lynch, Women’s Legal Service, Brisbane (07)3392 0644.