M-Enabling Australasia 2013

Women’s Legal Services Australia is a member of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN).

“ACCAN is Australia’s peak body for consumer representation and advocacy in communications. It aims to empower consumers to make good choices about products and services.”

Currently ACCAN is involved with the M-Enabling Australasia 2013 conference.

M-Enabling Australasia 2013, the first conference of its kind in the southern hemisphere, will be two days of fascinating discussion and practical demonstrations on how mobile technologies can benefit people with disability and older people.

It will feature local and international experts on accessible technologies, mobile service providers, developers, manufacturers, retail and business groups, regulators, policymakers, and organizations representing people with disability and older people.

M-Enabling Australasia 2013 is a joint partnership between ACCAN and Telstra in cooperation with the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICT (G3ICT) and EJ Krause & Associates.

For further information please contact events@accan.org.au.
You can find the registration details on the conference website.