Second Action Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children

The National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children brings together governments across the nation to jointly reduce the levels of violence against women.

Efforts are now being made to develop the Second Action Plan. 

As such, WLSA provided feedback on the following issues to the Department of Social Services:

  1. What have been the achievements/gaps under the First Action Plan? 
  2. What are the opportunities for consolidating and building upon the actions undertaken under the National Priorities of the First Action Plan?
  3. What types of other initiatives could benefit from a national focus?
  4. In order to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in addressing violence against women, where is there scope to reduce duplication of programmes and services provided by the Commonwealth and the states and territories, as part of the Second Action Plan?
  5. Which vulnerable groups and communities would benefit from an increased focus under the Second Action Plan?
  6. How can we better engage our leaders and broader civil society to address the attitudinal and cultural change required to reduce violence against women and their children?


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