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Safety First in Family Law - a Five Step plan

Following our first Put Safety First campaign in 2012 the family law system is still in crisis, and there is still so much that could be done to put safety first. We have a five step road map for fixing it, and this year, togther with Rosie Batty and over 90 organisations, we are asking politicians to make those changes. Read our open letter. See how you can help - take action. The crisis Our family law system is in crisis. Every day women are left traumatised and children are left in the hands of abusive parents as the...

View the full campaign 5 May, 2016

Vulnerable Witness Protection in Family Law

WLSA has advocated over many years about our concerns for women who are victims of domestic violence having to represent themselves in family law proceedings.  Our advocacy has increased in the last few years in particular, around women survivors of domestic violence being subject to personal cross examination by their own perpetrator. In family law proceedings, a perpetrator of family violence who is not legally represented can directly cross-examine a victim.  Unlike other federal and State legislation, the Family Law Act 1975 does not contain any specific protections about giving evidence regarding vulnerability for victims of family violence or...

View the full campaign 29 October, 2015

Put Safety First in Family Law

Put Safety First in Family Law is Women’s Legal Services Australia’s campaign calling for the Australian Government to reform family law to make sure it works to keep women and children safe. The campaign is endorsed by the National Association of Community Legal Centres.

View the full campaign 13 July, 2012

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