WLSA is a network of women’s legal services and associated organisations.

Members across Australia are encouraged to share ideas and resources, with the overall aim of providing quality legal services that are diverse, appropriate and responsive to the needs of women.

Through WLSA, each member has the potential to contribute effectively to law reform and policy debates that impact on women around Australia.

If you are seeking legal advice, please contact the relevant State or Territory Service in your area. You can find the relevant contact details on the list and links below.

If you have a query regarding WLSA’s law reform activities please contact us. You could also have a look on our campaigns page for current and past law reform activities WLSA has been involved in.

Our Members

Aboriginal Women's Legal Services

National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum


Women’s Legal Centre (ACT & Region) Inc


Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre
Women’s Legal Services NSW


Central Aus Women’s Legal Service (NT)


North Queensland Women’s Legal Service
Women’s Legal Service Queensland


Women’s Legal Service (SA) Inc


Women’s Legal Service Tasmania


Women’s Legal Service Victoria


Geraldton Resource Centre and CLC (WA)
Women’s Law Centre of Western Australia